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  • Ice In Their Veins

    January 01, 2014

    Ice In Their Veins

    Traditions run deep in the Swider-Peltz family—especially when it comes to speedskating and spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

  • Identity Crisis

    June 05, 2009

    Identity Crisis

    Identity. We all search for it. We all find it — whether we know it or not. And how we choose to define ourselves can and will determine the quality of our lives. If the foundation of our identity is unstable, we will live unstable lives. If, however, our identity is rooted in something constant and unshakable, we will find ourselves the same.

  • Impact Play

    May 21, 2009


    Every morning, I have a routine once I get to the office.

    1. Fire up the computer - 8:00 A.M.
    2. Delete the spam from my e-mail account (while eating a couple pieces of toast).
    3. Head to “Morning Glory,” the corporate prayer time of the FCA National Office.
    4. Transition into prayer time with the Communications/Marketing Department.
    5. Edit and send out the daily Impact Play e-mail devotion.
    6. Start the day - 9:30 A.M.

    I’ll be honest. Prior to writing this story, bullet point number five wasn’t that much of a landmark in my day.

  • In Cink

    May 07, 2009

    In Cink

    It was once thought that shorter men made the best golfers. But that turned out to be a myth, facilitated only by the fact that the best players at the time were under 5-foot-11.

    Stewart Cink is 6-foot-4, 205 lbs.—impressive stature compared to those tour champions of the past, and tall enough to set him above the tour leaders of the moment as well, but only by an inch or two.  But those who know Stewart Cink wouldn’t likely reference his measurements as what separates him from the crowd. Because more impressive than his physical presence is his spiritual stature, which is created by the manifestation of the Holy Spirit inside him.

  • In Full Swing

    October 01, 2011

    In Full Swing

    The moment arrives in chaos.

    Electricity saturates the atmosphere, as if the air itself is a conduit of high voltage. The crowd noise starts to swell like a massive breaker off the coast, cresting with awe-inspiring force. Indeed, the fate of the free world seems to hinge on what happens next. At least, that’s how it feels when the score is tied, a base hit would drive in two, and the screams of 37,000 fans are echoing off every green-hued corner of baseball’s oldest cathedral.

  • In Pursuit

    February 01, 2010

    In Pursuit
    Indianapolis Colts kicker Matt Stover's road to Super Bowl XLIV highlights God's faithfulness and provision.
    By Susie Magill

    "Age is nothing but a number."

    This year’s NFL postseason has proven just that. The league’s oldest (Brett Favre, 40) and youngest (Mark Sanchez, 23) quarterbacks competed for the chance to stand toe-to-toe in Miami at Super Bowl XLIV. But even though both the Jets and Vikings lost their respective conference championships, we will still be watching history unfold on February 7, 2010.

  • In Pursuit of Holiness

    November 01, 2012

    In Pursuit of Holiness

    Mike DeVito pursues the NFL’s top quarterbacks to earn a living, but it’s his pursuit of Christ—and Christ’s pursuit of him through a college team-mate—that has forever changed his life and the lives of many others.

  • In the Cards

    August 02, 2010

    In the Cards

    Matt Holliday has been around the block. As a 7-year major league veteran, he knows that the season is long and that patience is required. When the 2010 season didn’t start out as planned for the Cardinals outfielder widely known for swinging a hefty bat, he didn’t panic. In the face of low offensive numbers, Holliday stayed focused, kept working with his hitting coach (a fairly well-known former hitter named Mark McGwire), and, by mid-June, his perseverance was paying dividends. The three-time All-Star was again posting giant numbers at the plate. He slammed enough home runs and RBIs to earn his seventh NL Player of the Week award on June 21 and, in the process, earned a spot on his fourth MLB All-Star roster.

  • In The Family

    September 01, 2013

    In The Family

    Husband and wife Kyle and Misti Cussen may lead teams at rival universities, but they share the same coaching mission: to reflect Christ's light through the avenue of sports.

  • In the Game

    December 01, 2010

    In the Game

    It’s easy for athletes to claim Christ as their source of strength and point to the sky in victory, but to actively engage with Him on the field and bring Him into the game itself is another story. This month, STV talked to a group of Division-I college football players—many of whom you’ll see in bowl games—to find out how they stay focused on why they play the game.

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