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  • Jason Avant Lifted Up on Eagles' Wings

    April 19, 2010

    Jason Avant Lifted Up on Eagles' Wings
    Jason Avant knows a thing or two about conversions.
    Last year, the Philadelphia Eagle wide receiver set a career high in receptions (41), averaging over 14 yards per catch. Nearly two-thirds of those catches went for a first down.
    During his four year career, the Chicago native and ex-Michigan Wolverine has caught 37 balls on third down. A remarkable 32 of them- 87%- were converted into first downs.
    Avant does not have the cartoonish speed of teammate DeSean Jackson (then again, does anybody?). Nor does he have a 255 pound frame like Eagle tight end Brent Celek.
    Instead, Avant is gifted with the great hands, smarts and toughness needed to play slot

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