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  • Ray of Light

    May 01, 2010

    Ray of Light

    Ben Zobrist has one of those stories. The ones that make kids play harder, dream bigger and aim higher. The ones that inspire even the most improbable of visions. The ones that seem to spotlight the magnitude and sovereignty of God. Undrafted and unscholarshipped out of high school, Zobrist thought his baseball days were over when he finished his senior season at Eureka High School in Eureka, Ill. Like a typical senior, he weighed his career options and college choices, and even looked into a Bible college in Kansas City. But midway through the summer, he still didn’t know where to go or what to do.

  • Real Life

    June 05, 2009

    Real Life

    Behind the screaming fans and autographs, the televised games and SportsCenter highlights, the contracts and growing fame, the life of a WNBA player isn’t what it seems. It goes much deeper than stardom. When the adrenaline subsides, there are real challenges facing the women about which few ever read. There is loneliness from being separated from friends and family. There are insecurities about being traded or injured. There are pressures to perform and win.

  • Rebel With A Cause

    January 01, 2014

    Rebel With A Cause

    Hugh Freeze has rebuilt Ole Miss football on the firm foundation of faith and family.

  • Rebel With A Cause

    June 09, 2009

    Rebel With A Cause

    When Todd Abernethy first got the phone call from Rod Barnes, head basketball coach at the University of Mississippi, neither he nor the coach knew just how much God’s hand was at work. Abernethy didn’t know that as the head coach had searched for a point guard who could guide his team with maturity and integrity, that the Lord had given Barnes his name.

  • Redeeming Love

    November 01, 2010

    Redeeming Love

    “Love.” What a commonly used word with so many meanings. It can express how we feel about almost anything. We love our jobs, our hobbies, our favorite foods, our colleges. We love our friends, our family and our significant others. Personally, I didn’t understand the real meaning of love until a few years ago. That was when I first experienced the redeeming love of my heavenly Father and learned what it truly was by His ultimate definition.

  • Relentless

    November 01, 2013


    Every Saturday in the fall, young men don their helmets and pads and suit up for their days of glory on the gridiron. They play with unyielding determination, heart and passion. They are RELENTLESS!
    This fall, we interviewed college football players around the country who are passionately pursuing more than just worldly trophies and treasures. Beginning with Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd, each answered the question, “Considering your relationship with Christ, what does it mean to relentlessly pursue Him?”

  • Resignation

    June 26, 2009

    Over the last few weeks I have walked through some of the darkest days of a friend’s career in sport. She had never failed at anything, but the last two seasons of her coaching career had been a constant nightmare.

    My friend’s coaching staff had disintegrated, several key players had left the program and still others had been actively seeking her dismissal. All these factors led to great frustration and more than a little discouragement.

  • Restored

    May 08, 2009


    Have you ever fallen into the pit of despair, landing in a pool of your toxic mistakes and filthy sin? There in the depths you gaze in doubt at the slippery walls of consequence that rise 20 feet above you on all sides. “I sink in the miry depths, where there is no foothold,” describes the psalmist in 69:2 (NIV).

    We’ve all been down there—we’ve all experienced deep anguish. But, if you read further, you find that the psalmist escapes. “Praise the Lord, O my soul,” he shouts, “who redeems your life from the pit!” (103:2-4, NIV).

    The story told in the Psalms is familiar to Mississippi State senior Alexandria Hagler.

  • Retreat Report: Rogers, Arkansas

    May 11, 2009

    Retreat Report: Rogers, Arkansas

    “Eyes.” The word has a special meaning here. When the Rogers Mountaineers hear it, it’s as if an automatic instinct kicks in. 

    “Eyes!” they echo back while in a crouched stance ready for the next command, their eyes staring right into their coach’s. But for 30 senior Mountaineer football players on this night — a warm, muggy, crystal-clear evening in the dog-days of August in the middle of Central Arkansas’ mountainous wilderness — there’s no need for the command. That’s because Ronnie Peacock, the head coach at Rogers High School, already has their full attention.

  • Reviving Mississippi

    June 05, 2009

    Reviving Mississippi

    I need You, Jesus...To come to my rescue...Where else can I go...  From the streets you could hear their song. The collection of voices grew louder as the sound of worship drifted down the newly cemented driveway and floated into the humid summer night breeze. Within the walls of the recently erected Gulf Coast home gathered a group of young adults from Church of the Good Shepherd — a group whose lives one year earlier had changed as quickly as the flood waters rose on August 29, 2005, the day Hurricane Katrina hit.

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