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  • San Diego Special

    June 09, 2009

    San Diego Special

    At a typical San Diego Chargers practice or game, offensive coordinator Cam Cameron does a lot of pointing.

    “That’s what we do as coaches,” Cameron joked. “We point.” And as cliché as it may sound, it remains true that the 20-year coaching veteran does more than just point out the plays he wants the reigning AFC-West Champion Chargers to run on the field. He also points his athletes to Jesus Christ through his life, which has been transformed since the day Cameron accepted Christ at an FCA Camp when he was 13.

  • San Diego Sundays

    October 01, 2010

    San Diego Sundays

    Major League Baseball teams have games every Sunday from April through September. For those of you flipping through a calendar, that’s 26-straight Sundays spent on the diamond. With that kind of weekend schedule, Christian athletes often find it difficult to attend church services and stay involved with in a local body of believers.

  • Satisfaction

    May 08, 2009


    Satisfaction would seem to be one of the most elusive commodities on the planet. In the world of sport it is not uncommon for a sideline reporter in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl to ask a player or coach for his thoughts and to hear, “We’re going to win it again next year!” The game isn’t even over yet, but the player is already thinking of next year.

    Sadly, this is often due to the inability of the highly achieving to simply be satisfied with their achievements. There is the constant push for more, bigger, greater and higher.

  • Saving Face

    May 06, 2009


    Go to any random Facebook profile, and in less than a minute you can draw multiple conclusions about a person. Without even scrolling down, you can get their political views, relationship status and their feelings at that exact moment. If you do choose to look over the entire page, there’s almost no end to the information you will find: their favorite drink, the places they’ve been, their favorite quotes ... Really anything they’ve chosen to make public, which, for some, leaves little to the imagination.

  • Saving the Sooners

    June 08, 2009

    Saving the Sooners

    The empty beer cans and litter strewn across the field were the least of Patty Gasso’s concerns. When Gasso took over as the University of Oklahoma’s softball coach in October 1994, the program was in disarray. Her predecessor had been acting on an interim basis because the previous coach had resigned for health concerns. Some players rebelled, skipping the fall training period because they had wanted an assistant coach to get the head job.

  • Season of Change

    August 01, 2011

    Season of Change

    He didn’t even know what he’d said. He hadn’t prepared for it, and, truthfully, the whole thing was just a blur. He’d had enough on his plate at the moment without trying to recall what he’d said in front of the cameras.

    As University of Texas quarterback Colt McCoy sat in his hotel room after losing to Alabama in the Jan. 7, 2010, BCS National Championship game, he thought long and hard about what had happened. The loss itself was painful enough, but it was just one battle he was fighting inside. The other was why he’d not even had the chance to compete in the game.

  • Second Chance

    May 07, 2009


    For a time, Iver McDonald was superhuman. Well, not really. But at least she felt that way. That’s what can happen when you’re young and brash and enter high school as an elite softball player good enough to make the varsity as a freshman.
    “I had this horrible attitude,” she said. “I thought I was the stuff in softball—like I walked on water. I thought I was invincible, that nothing could touch me.”

    But things weren’t going so well in her personal life.

  • Seeing the Light

    March 01, 2012

    Seeing the Light

    It’s a simple phrase, yet one that means everything to former two-sport Baylor University star Melissa Jones, who ends every email with those encouraging words.

    Over the last four seasons, “MJ,” the Big 12 Conference 2011 Female Sportsperson of the Year, was just as comfortable sharing Christ’s love with others as she was distributing the rock to her teammates. Her work ethic, athleticism and faith shined both on and off the court—even as darkness, quite literally, crept in.

  • Share the Victory

    June 25, 2010

    Share the Victory

    The single most foundational truth of the Christian faith is what the Bible refers to as the gospel; that is the good news of Jesus Christ.  It is quite possibly the most overlooked part of our relationship to God, or lack there of, yet is absolutely the most essential aspect of knowing and connecting with Him. 

    Without the good news of Jesus the Bible has no validity.  Without the good news of Jesus our faith is worthless. Without the good news of Jesus we have absolutely no hope of ever entering God's kingdom, learning His ways, knowing Him, going to heaven, or enjoying the life God intends for us to have.  (1 Corinthians 15:12-28; 2 Thessalonians 1:5-12).

  • Shifting Gears

    June 09, 2009

    Shifting Gears

    Steve “Chappy” Hudson has been committed to full-time ministry since he was 23. After attending seminary, he joined the ministry team of a church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Six years later, he felt the tugging of the Holy Spirit to step out of the church setting to reach the “unequipped.” And what better place than at Charlotte Motor Speedway?

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