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  • Taylor-Made

    November 01, 2010


    Every legitimate college football team has one. A field general who knows no fear. A signal-caller with ice in his veins. Simply stated, a quarterback who can both lead the team to victory and pick them up in defeat.

  • Team - Plan

    October 05, 2009

    Team - Plan
    • Secure day, time, and location of team bible study. 
    • Recruit a bible study leader or facilitator. 
    • Develop a bible study plan with timeline and specific lessons outlined. 
    • Organize a weekly study agenda.
    • Plan an initial study that introduces FCA, explains what the study is about and the importance of commitment and confidentiality.


  • Team - Promote

    September 30, 2009

    Team - Promote
    • Create flyers to promote upcoming bible study opportunity.
    • Distribute promotional material to team members.
    • Invite team members to attend the bible study.

  • Team United

    June 09, 2009

    Team United

    Kevin “Chappy” Hynes, Jill Perry, Scott Shepherd and Ray Lawrence share an office in Athens, Georgia. One of the most visibly enticing elements is a large dry erase board, topped with this question: SITUATION ANALYSIS — WHAT ARE WE DOING WELL? Below that are the answers: variety, weekly meetings, discipleship with leaders, buddy relationships, trips, Bible study. And below that, another question: WHERE CAN WE IMPROVE? And the answers: discipleship with others, team interaction, feature teams, worship team, coaches.

  • Tebow, McCoy Take Faith, Skills to NFL

    April 25, 2010


    What is left to write about Tim Tebow?

    We all know his resume: a Heisman Trophy. Two Maxwell Awards. As a freshman backup quarterback, Tebow used his fullback-style runs and old school-style jump passes to be a complimentary part of Florida’s 2006 national championship team.

    Two years later, Tebow was a “part” of Florida’s 2008 national champions the same way Michael Jordan was a “part” of the Chicago Bulls’ six NBA titles.

    Tebow led the entire nation in passing efficiency during his senior year. He graduates with over 9,200 passing yards, almost 3,000 rushing yards and 145 touchdowns via his arm or his feet.

    What is left to write about Tim Tebow?

  • Test

    June 05, 2009


    test test

  • Test Article

    June 08, 2009



  • Test Article 3

    June 09, 2009


  • The 'Extreme' Difference

    June 02, 2010

    The 'Extreme' Difference

    Coach Jeremy Williams led his Greenville High School Patriots to an undefeated regular season in football this year—an accomplishment in and of itself that deserved recognition—but this wasn’t about his win-loss record. The reason Williams was named the West Central Georgia FCA Coach of the Year was because of his unyielding, unending desire to share Christ’s love with others, even as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) slowly and methodically destroyed his body.

  • The Aroma of Sport

    August 21, 2009

    I love the aromas associated with sport. I recall vividly the smells, both beautiful and not so pleasant, from my life of playing my heart out.

    I love the aroma of:
    · Icy Hot on my elbow on October evenings as I drove to the softball field.
    · My new baseball glove with 3 in 1 oil rubbed into it, a ball in the pocket and tied shut with a shoestring – laid carefully by my pillow for the night.
    · Charcoal smoke wafting from nearby tailgaters into the football stadium during pre-game on fall afternoons.
    · Newly mowed, dewy grass on spring mornings at high school baseball parks.

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