A Big Piece of Humble Pie

Ready "Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you." - James 4:10
Set Staying humble is one of the most difficult things to do. Whether it's doing good on a test in school, landing a job interview, or succeeding in sports, our first instinct is to praise ourselves. In most scenarios, it is very acceptable to be proud of yourself. For example, if you hit a homerun in baseball, you will reflect on all of the training and hard work you put in. Because you took the time, you had the ability to hit your homerun; and that is great. You should always be proud of yourself and have a great self-esteem, but should you gloat to all of your teammates and friends about your accomplishment? Probably not. We have to realize that just because we did a great thing doesn't mean that we should go bragging to others saying things like "I'm the best player on my team because I hit a homerun". As you read in the scripture above, the Lord wants you not to brag, but to be humble. Instead of making ourselves out to be "the best", we need to try to stay focused on how you got to that point. Without God, you wouldn't have the many abilities that you do. God gave you a gift to be a baseball player, and you MUST focus on that. If we do, He will exalt us and give us the strength to accomplish all the goals we set out for. You shouldn't forget about your feat, however. God allowed you to hit the homerun and praising Him is the best response you can give. He offered you the gift and wants you to make something out of it. Who knows, if you talk about the Lord and give credit to him in front of your teammates, maybe they will try to reach out to God and become closer to him. SO many good things come out of being humble, it is hard to understand why we wouldn't be. The next time The Lord blesses you with a great accomplishment, pray and give HIM thanks! He will return the favor!
Go Has there been a recent accomplishment where you wanted to give all the credit to yourself? Next time, how could you reflect on the situation differently?
Workout James 4:6 1 Samuel 2:3 Proverbs 11:2
Bible Reference: 
James 4