Second Chance


"Compassion and forgiveness belong to the Lord our God, though we have rebelled against Him…"
-Daniel 9:9


In volleyball, or in any sport, running a timed mile is not unusual. The other day I had butterflies in my stomach wondering if I could make it in the eight-minute time frame. If I didn't, I wouldn't even be considered for the team. I was praying for strength and quickness. When the coach said, "Go," and we all began, the words "strive, stretch, strain, succeed" began running repeatedly through my head.

Being a Christian can be a very hard thing. We are daily presented with temptations and problems. But whether it's cheating on a test or lying about how late we were really out the night before, God has given us the power to withstand these temptations. Some challenges are harder than others, and some are easier. But regardless of the level of difficulty, you will always have to strive, stretch and strain in order to succeed.

I finished my mile in eight minutes and seven seconds. My coach then said that everyone who did not make in under eight minutes had two weeks to practice, and then they could try again. I cannot tell you how thankful I was. And what a great illustration of God. He will often give us second chances after we fall into temptation or do not follow His will. But what we choose to do in those second chances is completely up to us.

1. When was the last time you gave in to temptation? Were you presented with a second chance?
2. Has God ever given you a second chance? How did you use it?


John 8:1-11
1 Corinthians 10:13