Soul Food


But He said, “I have food to eat that you don’t know about.”–John 4:32


We all know that we need to eat well so our bodies will perform well on the field of competition. But how many of us know what feeds our souls? What keeps one’s soul from starvation and keeps it running? Jesus knew about “soul food.”

In John 4:32, Jesus’ disciples were thinking with their stomachs, but Jesus knew how to feed their souls with something better than food. He knew that doing what God wanted was more satisfying than any favorite meal. In our lives, let’s not simply feed our stomachs and let our souls shrivel up from starvation. Instead, let’s feed them with rich relationships, sweet music and literature. Dine on satisfying study and wash it down with generous floods of prayer. This diet will satisfy our souls and sustain us for much longer than any Dairy Queen milk shake.


1. What is your favorite way to feed your soul?
2. How does it compare to feeding your body?
3. What do you spend more time feeding—your soul or your body?


Psalm 63:4-5; Ecclesiastes 6:7; Matthew 6:25-34


Thank You, Lord, for feeding my soul with Your words. Help me today to focus more on food for the soul rather than food for the body. Amen.

Bible Reference: 
John 4