God's Grace

It is 11:45 pm and I am flying to Sunrise Florida. We play the Panthers tomorrow and we just got beat up bad by the Tampa Bay Lightning. They scored 4 goals in the first period.  We had beaten them 12 straight times and we knew they were going to be a tough matchup tonight. 
I think we were under the assumption that if we just showed up that we were supposed to be given the 2 points. Tampa had a different idea of how the night was going to go.  They were tired of being embarrassed and came to play tonight. I wish I could say the same for us. 
It came down to us being complacent and not preparing properly and them showing up and thinking it was game 7 of the Stanley cup finals.
Sometimes life is easy. Things are going your way.  Friends are actually friendly and you are in a groove. These times are always nice. The problem is that's when we forget what got us there.  We start thinking we are a lot cooler than we are. We forget that its by Gods grace that things are as smooth as they are. If you find yourself wandering from Jesus and starting to rely on yourself,  you are setting yourself up for a slap in the face from reality.  It's when we get comfortable is when the losses and big disappointments creep up on us.  Paul calls life a marathon and calls us to run the race with endurance. Let's not let life take us on a roller coaster ride but remain in Gods word and presence and we will have no choice but to be grounded.

Num 6:24


Bible Reference: 
Numbers 6