Bible Study



  • When have you recently demonstrated commitment to someone or something in your sport?
  • Who is the most highly committed player you’ve ever known?  To what or to whom was he/she committed?
  • Join me in reading about a great demonstration of commitment from I Kings 19:19-21.
  • What did Elisha do that looks like commitment to you?
  • How would you judge his commitment level on a  1-10 scale?
  • How would you judge yours on the same scale?
  • To what or whom does it seem that Elisha is committed?
  • How are you affected when a player shows commitment like Elisha’s?
  • How can you best demonstrate commitment in your life as a competitor?


  • Regularly evaluate your commitment level.
  • Commit strongly to the people and principles in which you believe.
  • Live out your commitments daily.