Bible Study

Daniel: Secure Leadership Series

I am excited about the journey you are about to take through the book of Daniel. It is an awesome book with some familiar stories about the lion’s den and fiery furnace. The truths in this book will greatly challenge you in the areas of courage, boldness, faith and security in God alone. I have been greatly humbled by the courage and faith of Daniel, Hanniah, Mishael and Azariah. They were faithful to God from their teens to their 80s. They are great examples and role models for trusting God in tough times. As you study this book, I would like for you to keep in mind several things that will assist your understanding:

1. The Holy Spirit wrote the Bible and will reveal its to truth to you. (2 Peter 1: 20-21John 14: 26 and 16:13) Some of the stories and prophecies may be difficult to understand, but trust that the Holy Spirit who wrote the Bible will reveal to you its truth. Before studying pray this prayer: “Holy Spirit, You wrote this. Reveal the truth of your Word to me/us.”

2. Chapters 1-6 are chronological starting in 605 BC and ending in 536 BC. Chapters 7-12 are not chronological, but are mostly prophetic, revealing the future for Israel, world kingdoms and the end times. Chapters 7-12 may be difficult to comprehend, so do not be discouraged, but allow God to reveal the truth to you for your life. I have excluded Chapter eight, but refer to it later. Chapter eight has a lot of detail about historical events that I felt could be confusing, so I decided to not include it in the lesson. Even Daniel struggled with understanding the prophecies, but it created a greater sense of awe for God.

Daniel: Secure Leadership