Bible Study



In sports, priorities rule. Priorities will dictate your commitment, your passion, your work ethic and ultimately, your effectiveness as an athlete and as a team. What you value determines your priorities.  Do you value stats more or your teammates more? Do you value pleasing God more or your coach and parents more? Do you value winning more or personal and team growth more?


  1. What do you value most in your athletic life?
  2. Name your top three priorities as an athlete.
  3. Name the top three priorities as a team.


King David, the writer of Psalms, has only one thing as his top priority— to be in a constant relationship with God.  Psalm 27:4 says, “I have asked one thing from the Lord; it is what I desire: to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, gazing on the beauty of the Lord and seeking Him in His temple.”

Being in the continual presence the Lord affected every part of King David’s life.  Above all, David valued a relationship with God, and God blessed him for it.


  1. What is your “one thing?”
  2. Does your “one thing” line up with your top three priorities as an athlete?
  3. Does your “one thing” line up with your top three priorities as a team?


  1. Reexamine your top priorities in the Application section. Do you need to change anything?
  2. Personally and as a team, commit to helping each other keep a relationship with God at the top of the priority list.

Memory Verse: “Lord, I will seek Your face.”  Psalm 27:8b 

Length 15 minutes
Bible Reference: 
Psalms 27:4
Psalms 27:8