Bible Study

Session 5: Power Up

How Do I Walk In The Power Of The Spirit?


As athletes, many factors play into our success on the court or field of competition. Fitness, nutrition, rest, proper attitude, and mental focus are just some of the less visible factors that determine how we’ll perform. Even though these things are not as visible as skills training or weight training, they play a vital role in being game ready.

  1. What does your daily fitness and nutrition routine look like? In what ways do those things empower you to perform at the highest level?
  2. There’s so much we don’t understand about how to fully prepare ourselves for success on and off the field. Name a person who has been instrumental in helping you to improve in your sport. What advice or counsel did he or she give you?



Just as coaches teach us the finer points of our sports, when Jesus walked on earth, He taught His disciples how to follow His lead and grow into maturity. But as Jesus prepared to leave the earth and return to heaven, He knew that His followers couldn’t thrive or carry on the mission He called them to without someone else to guide them. We still need that source of power to help give us the inner strength, courage, and wisdom to keep moving forward even when no one else seems to be on our side.

Read John 14:16-18, 26.

  1. Who did Jesus say was coming to take His place in the lives of His followers? What are some of the words Jesus used to describe this representative of heaven?

Read John 16:7-14.

  1. Just as our Heavenly Father is fully God and Jesus is fully God, the Holy Spirit is fully God. Also, just as Jesus takes a unique role in our lives, so does the Holy Spirit. According to John 16, what’s the Spirit’s role and why is the Spirit so important?

  2. Describe a time when you were with friends, teammates, or family and you could have benefited from the Holy Spirit in His role as:


  • Counselor—

  • Comforter—

  • Guide—

Read Romans 8:12-15.

When the Bible talks about the flesh, it’s not referring to our bodies. Think about cleaning up after a practice and putting on clean clothes, but carrying around your smelly sweat socks inside your fresh, clean clothes. Your flesh is like those smelly socks that still stay with you after you become totally new. Jesus made you a new creation when you accepted Him as your Savior, but you still carry around the flesh—those old habit patterns and well-worn ruts of thinking and behavior you keep falling back into when you become weak or tired.

  1. According to Romans 8:12-13, what will happen to those who live “according to the flesh”? How about those who live “by the Spirit”? What do you think it means to live “by the Spirit”?

  2. Romans 8:14-15 states those led by God’s Spirit are God’s children, with the rights and privileges of a firstborn son. How does it feel to be “adopted” by God? How does being His son or daughter empower you to keep going even in the face of difficult times?



We all have times when we feel like we can’t live a Christian life in a world so full of temptations and distractions. But thanks to the work of the Holy Spirit, we have the power to say no to our wrong desires. The Spirit also empowers us to say yes to our deepest desires for connection to God and the great adventure He has for us.

Read Galatians 5:16-23.

  1. What are some ways that we can give in to our flesh and fail in our walk with God (verses 19-21)? What will the consequence be for those who refuse to stop doing these things (verse 21)?

  2. What are some characteristics that show up in our lives as we follow the Holy Spirit (verses 22-23)? Which of these do you most need the Spirit to develop in your life?

Allow the Spirit to be your constant Guide. Tap into real power as you listen for and accept His direction, encouragement, and power. Take a moment now to ask the Holy Spirit to do the following things in your life:

  • Lead me in the right direction.

  • Teach me how to be more like Jesus.

  • Give me the courage and boldness to share my faith with others.

  • Empower me to resist the urge to give in to temptations.