College Football

College Football

Check out some of college football’s finest Christian competitors, both past and present.
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    The 2005 Northwestern College football schedule appeared to have a misprint on it, showing two games scheduled for October 8. It was no mistake,...

    What Will You Give?

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    Every Saturday in the fall, young men don their helmets and pads and suit up for their days of glory on the gridiron. They...
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    In The Zone

    It’s rare, but, when it happens, people take notice. Every pass is complete, every drive ends with six, and everyone knows...
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    In the Game

    It’s easy for athletes to claim Christ as their source of strength and point to the sky in victory, but to actively engage...
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    Glory on the Gridiron

    This month, as college football bowl games flood your television, let yourself get sucked in. Just make sure you have read...
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    Bobby Bowden with Ron Brown

    Florida State head football coach Bobby Bowden shares his whit and wisdom regarding his more than 50 years of coaching...
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    Tajh Boyd

    Bring QB Tajh Boyd to your desktop with this free wallpaper
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    Matt Barkley

    Bring USC Trojan's QB Matt Barkley to your computer or tablet with this free wallpaper!