We all fail but how we handle failure is what really matters as competitors for Christ.
  • Devotional

    Failing to Fail

    This was our time. My college basketball team had been in the middle of a rough losing streak, but now we found ourselves in...
  • Devotional

    Perspective from Behind

    The runners slipped past me one by one. When I looked behind me, I didn’t see anyone left. Denial set in. I couldn’t...
  • Devotional

    After a season of high school football and a season of coaching my oldest son’s YMCA basketball team, I now find myself coaching my two sons’ 10-13...

    Run It Again

  • Bible Study

    OW2P Study - Failure (Part 9)

    Goal To help students gain a better understanding of true repentance and God’s forgiveness; and to help students get back on...
  • Audio

    Failure is Nothing!

    Failure doesn’t have to be permanent and it certainly does not define you!