Coach John Wooden

John Wooden

Let this legend train you to be a competitor for Christ.
  • Devotional

    Greatest Coach Ever

    Coach Wooden was pleased with a legacy of faith and integrity. If it were me, what would I want others to remember me by?
  • Devotional

    Little Things

    One of my favorite things about John Wooden’s coaching was that he taught his players each year to put on their socks and tie their shoes properly....

  • Devotional

    Meekness Is Not Weakness

    In Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, he talks about the character quality of fight, which is a determined effort. He calls it “intensity...

  • Devotional

    The Love Win

    On June 26, 2010, thousands gathered at a memorial service to honor the life of legendary coach John Wooden who passed from...
  • Devotional

    Be the Best

    Preparation + Discipline + Focus = Competitive Greatness.