Life is full of obstacles, but with God we can learn to overcome each one.

  • Devotional

    Speed Bumps

    As athletes, it’s easy for us to find ourselves in situations that we never played out in our minds. Down by 10 in the...
  • Devotional


    In my own journey, I’ve learned a few keys to handling adversity that help me stay close to Christ no matter what happens.
  • Devotional

    Overcome Adversity

    As a child, I dealt with the embarrassment of having to wear glasses and braces. And to make matters worse, I had problems...
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    Tajh Boyd

    Bring QB Tajh Boyd to your desktop with this free wallpaper
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    Tamika Catchings

    Bring WNBA star Tamika Catchings to your desktop with this free background wallpaper
  • Bible Study

    Overcoming Adversity

    We all go through adversity in sports and life. The only question is how do we overcome it?
  • Audio

    Get Back Up!

    No matter how many times you have failed it’s time to get back up!