Sometimes it's not easy to look past the injury or defeat. But Christ calls us to persevere in our Christian faith and we are to do the same in our athletic pursuits.
  • Devotional


    Back when I was a track athlete, I was blessed to have great coaches who taught me about the need for perseverance and...
  • Devotional

    Gaining Momentum

    Throughout the goal planning process, we must remember that our goals must be submitted to God. He is the One who supplies...
  • Article

    In the Cards

    Matt Holliday has been around the block. As a 7-year major league veteran, he knows that the season is long and that...
  • Bible Study

    Perseverance - Chapel

    1 – Here we are at game number ___ of our season. Let’s take a look back at our season so far. We’ve competed at …(tough...
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    Bible Reference Handout

    A three-page handout, with Bible verses arranged by topic. Similar to the listings in the FCA Bible, this handout is great...