Sacrifice Part 2

Sacrifice - Part II

As competitors, we know what it means to sacrifice. But that same concept can apply to our lives of faith.

  • Devotional

    Baseball is a great team sport. Players work together to make their team successful. One of my favorite plays is when players give up their at bat...

    One For The Team

  • Devotional

    In sports, you hear a lot about two very different kinds of athlete. One is labeled an “underachiever”—an athlete who has a ton of talent but gets...

    Everything You’ve Got

  • Devotional

    Last year, I was on the junior varsity basketball team. Our record was 23-4. It was the best record our coach had ever had. However, he was not...

    Living Sacrifice

  • Devotional

    Self Sacrifice

    When most sport seasons end, numbers get crunched. It’s easy for coaches to get caught up in the numbers game, especially as the media highlights...

  • Devotional

    Willingness to Lose

    As a baseball coach for twenty years, I often had to maximize the skills of my players and play “small ball” since my teams were not always blessed...

  • Bible Study

    Sacrifice - Chapel

    1 – How does a competitor demonstrate genuine love for his teammates? In the book about Coach Joe Ehrmann, “Season of Life”...
  • Article

    Love the Game

    How much do you love your sport? Is it something for which you make sacrifices? What are you willing to give up to compete...