Standing Up for Your Faith

In a world that is increasingly hostile toward Christians, it takes great courage to stand up for what you believe in: a Savior named Jesus.

  • Devotional

    Fiery Faith

    Eric was a finely tuned football player who went to battle for his team every Friday night. He was ready to do what his coach asked him to do for...

  • Devotional

    Fight the Good Fight

    When you talk about gritting your teeth and standing your ground, maybe nowhere is it more important than in your daily...
  • Devotional

    Be a Caleb

    This year, my son Caleb is playing freshman football at his school, and as he’s discovered, being one of 70 players is tough. He loves the game and...

  • Devotional

    Tough Love

    When you are playing a sport, teammates are the most important people with you on the court or field. Sometimes it’s hard to love them, and it can...

  • Devotional

    Luke 22:28

    Hockey Chat:  A battle for the puck is what the game is all about.  What teamwork is about is getting in there and helping your teammate win the...

  • Devotional

    If I Only Had the Nerve

    How many of you know if all your friends and family are saved?  How many of you would have the nerve to simply ask each and every one of your...

  • Devotional

    Taking a Stand

    The Indianapolis Colts battled back from a 21-point deficit against the New England Patriots in their November 30, 2003, game. The Colts found...

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    When someone is on a team they usually wear team shirts, use team gear and do team cheers. They like to represent their team and let others know...

  • Icebreaker

    Non-Musical Chairs

    Materials: *A chair for all but one person. Make a circle with the chairs as if you were setting up a game of musical chairs...
  • Audio

    Are You Ready For CHANGE?

    I don’t know about you, but it sure seems like the world is coming apart at the seems! Tips to stand strong!
  • Article

    The Maine Thing

    On a recent Monday evening, 5’9” University of Maine guard Amanda Tewksbury stood before the school’s entire men’s hockey...