The more united the team the stronger they are and the more difficult they are to defeat. Learn how to grow in this powerful characteristic of great teams!
  • Devotional

    Common Enemies (Teamwork - Chapter 1)

    When a lanky quarterback turned defensive back from the University of Minnesota named Tony Dungy arrived in Pittsburgh for the Steelers training...

  • Devotional

    Eyes On The Prize (Teamwork - Chapter 6)

    If you’ve never heard of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, don’t feel too badly. Even National Basketball Association (NBA) point guard Luke Ridnour, the town...

  • Devotional

    In It Together

    Think about your “team” today. Is one of your teammates, friends, coworkers or family members struggling? If so, take the...
  • Bible Study


    Discussion: How important is teamwork to your success in sport? Who has been a great teammate to you? What were the most...
  • Icebreaker

    Human Knot

    Divide your group into circles of 10-12 people, each facing inward. Everyone then reaches across with one arm and grabs...
  • Article

    Dream Team

    Atlanta Dream guard Shalee Lehning has a favorite example of teamwork from the Bible. It’s found in Mark 2, and it tells the...
  • Wallpaper

    Atlanta Dream

    Download desktop wallpaper in a variety of sizes for your computer and show your support of the WNBA's Atlanta Dream.