"All of a sudden, when the whole crowd saw Him, they were amazed and ran to greet Him." -Mark 9:15


In 1996, I went to my first professional golf tournament. Lush green grass, beautiful colors and the world’s best golfers took center stage at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I watched several groups tee off and was amazed at how far they hit the ball.

As I walked the course, I came to a hole where there was quite a buzz. People were crowding in to see a young golfer hit the ball—a young man named Tiger Woods. I, too, greatly admired this young, talented golfer. Tiger took it all in stride. He showed amazing composure for such a young player.

As Jesus was nearing the end of His public ministry, He, too, often drew quite a crowd. When people saw His disciples, they started to come together, but when they saw the Master Teacher, they would run to get close to Him. Did He ever tire of the crowd and people everywhere? I am sure He did at times, but He rarely showed it.

People gathered because they knew that when Jesus was around, something big was about to happen. People grew to expect great things from Christ every time they saw Him. And He never disappointed them. He continually amazed them with His goodness, His grace and His Godness! Truly, they were awestruck!

Today people still flock to see Tiger Woods play. They expect greatness every time, every shot, every hole. But Tiger is not God. He may be able to pull an eagle out of his bag, but I’ve never seen him (or his golf ball) walk on water. Remember, Tiger is just a man, but Jesus is the Man—Son of Man and Son of God. He deserves our awe! We should be awestruck when we reflect on Him. When Jesus is near today, do you run to see Him?


1. What athlete or coach are you in awe of?
2. How would you have reacted if you saw Christ coming?
3. How can you become more awestruck by your Savior?


Deuteronomy 28:10; 1 Samuel 12:18; Psalm 2:11; Habakkuk 3:12


Lord, I know that You are the famous one. Your name is the name above all other names. Today, allow me to be awestruck as I reflect upon Your greatness. Let me remember that no one compares to You.

Bible Reference: 
Mark 9