Bend the Knees


"Come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker." - Psalm 95:6


As a former basketball player, I know the importance of playing the game with bended knees.  The best defensive stance, the most effective way to dribble and pass and the absolute best way of consistently making shots relies on bended knees.  It’s safe to say, all fundamentals of the game of basketball that are drilled by coaches and executed by the best players have a common theme:  BENDED KNEES!

As a player, I'm not sure I bent my knees enough defensively, thus I never became a very good defender.  As a shooter, I was nearly a career 90% foul shooter and had a specific routine at the foul line.  Before every free throw, I would touch my socks, my shorts and dribble 3 times.  The most important thought I had on every shot, however, was to have soft bended knees.  I wanted bended knees with no tension before I shot the basketball.  Now, as coaches and athletes this sounds simple.  However, to properly teach as coaches and improve as players this process takes countless hours of repetition.

As I’ve aged and matured over the years in my spiritual life, I’ve discovered my greatest growth as a Christian has come on bended knees.  I’ve often prayed about building a stronger relationship with God.  I want to get closer to God.  I want God to work His plans and His will on my life.  I’ve also discovered that the times I’ve experienced the most growth and felt a different level of peace is when I go to God on bended knees.

The greatest example and role model all of us have is Jesus Christ.  Before Jesus went to the cross, He was in the Garden of Gethsemane on bended knees as an indication of his submission to the Father’s will.  I have found in my walk with Jesus that when on bended knees is when I truly submit everything to Him and acknowledge His authority over my life.  Prayer, I believe is God’s chosen way to show His power in our daily lives.

My challenge to all of us is that if you want to become a better shooter: bend your knees.  More importantly, if you want to get closer to God and feel His power and peace: get on bended knees.  It's when we get on bended knees, that God stands to listen.

  1. Are you willing to honor God and grow your faith?
  2. Establish a daily discipline of getting on bended knees. (Repetition of bended knees will result in more intimacy with God)

Romans 14:11; Phil 2:9-11; Acts 20:36; Eph 3: 14-21; Ezra 9:5; 2 Chronicles 6: 12-14

Bible Reference: 
Romans 14:11
Philippians 2:9-11
Acts 20:36
Ephesians 3:14-21