Celebrate – Like a Shepherd!


"When they saw the star, they were filled with joy!" -- Matthew 2:10


The stadium was full, the crowd was restless, and the ball was snapped! Helmets and pads collided, and one man powered his way beyond a formidable wall of muscle to sack the quarterback! The fans erupted with cheers, as the defender jumped in the air to celebrate and show the world “he is the man!” Yet, when he landed from his celebration he injured his knee, tearing his ACL and ending his NFL season. Lamarr Houston was injured after recording his first sack of the season in the closing minutes of a 28-point loss to the New England Patriots. 

Buffalo Bills receiver Sammy Watkins was on his way to an 89-yard touchdown after catching a pass, but the rookie began to showboat several yards shy of the end zone. His early celebration cost the team a touchdown, as his defender caught him from behind! These celebrations were painful and selfish.

Well, let’s learn a lesson on how to celebrate from a few men who were not pros. They had no titles or contracts.  They were simple shepherds, an occupation without respect. It was a quiet night in the fields, hanging out with a bunch of smelly sheep. Then a top ten moment occurred as an angel and a heavenly army of angels appeared in the sky and put on a display that would make a fourth of July firework show look like a kiddy parade. 

After the angels left, the shepherds decided to go as fast as they could to see for themselves what God has revealed to them! They left, running and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby Jesus lying in the manger. Seeing was believing. With great excitement, they told everyone they met, what the angels had said about this child. And all who heard the shepherds were impressed. They witnessed something greater than a ball game. They ran faster than a wide receiver to reach baby Jesus, and they hit the ground in worship quicker than a linebacker blitzing a quarterback! They left celebrating a real victory! The Messiah has arrived!

During the Christmas season, celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with excitement and joy! He loved us so much, He came here to die so that we wouldn’t have to spend eternity separated from his presence in hell!  We should be celebrating! Sing songs, decorate, give, smile–do something! The celebration is focused on Jesus, not us. Not what we get or do, but what He did for us! That is worth celebrating!

  • What brings me the most excitement?
  • Do I celebrate the things of this world more than Christ?

Luke 2; Matthew 2


“Heavenly Father forgive me for not celebrating Your incredible gift, Jesus Christ, as I should. Above all things worth celebrating, You deserve the highest praise! Give me courage and passion to celebrate like the shepherds!”

Bible Reference: 
Matthew 2:10
Luke 2
Matthew 2