For His faithful love to us is great; the Lord’s faithfulness endures forever. Hallelujah!” – Psalm 117:2


In 1977, Detroit Tigers rookies Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell made their first appearance together. They went on to hold down the second base and shortstop jobs in Detroit for a record of nineteen years. From 1982-1998, Baltimore Orioles shortstop Cal Ripken, Jr. played in 2,632 consecutive games. NBA referee Dick Bavetta retired after a 39-year career in which he never missed an assignment! Bavetta officiated a record of 2,635 consecutive regular-season games after starting his NBA career in 1975.

Why are those records unbelievable? For some of us consistency, faithfulness, and commitment are foreign terms. It seems today that our culture is not very committed to work, relationships, or our faith.

Psalm 102:25-27 proclaims that all things in this world will pass away and change, but God remains the same. When things reach their expiration date or wear out, you get rid of them. Sometimes things just lose their appeal so you change them – but not God.

God doesn’t change. He is faithful and committed. He was there from the very beginning of time laying out the foundation of the earth. All things will pass away, but God will always remain the same!

These attributes of God allow us to trust Him. He won’t walk out on us. He won’t be a “no show.” Maybe you need to be reminded that you are not alone or abandoned. Maybe you need to be encouraged that when everything else around you is rapidly changing and you are not sure whom to trust, you can place your trust in an unchanging God!

  1. What seems to change every day?
  2. Does the unfaithfulness of people bother you? Why?
  3. Have you placed your trust in our Faithful God?

Lamentations 3:23

Psalm 102:25-27

Hebrews 13:5


Heavenly Father, you are faithful and worthy to be trusted! Your presence is always here. Your love never fails. Today I proclaim that I will trust you! Lead me. Amen

Bible Reference: 
Lamentations 3:23
Psalms 102:25-27
Hebrews 13:5