Developing Core Strength for Life


For this reason take up the full armor of God, so that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and having prepared everything, to take your stand. Ephesians 6:13


Lining up on soft-top boards at the edge of the ocean practicing pop-ups is a classic drill to prepare novice surfers for real-life wave riding. One glance down the on-land line up, and it is clear who will successfully stand when it’s time for the board to move through the water. The thing that most people fail to recognize about riding waves is how necessary core strength is to create movement of the board to stand. 

As an athlete, core strength is a central component for optimal performance. Core strength produces a greater efficiency of movement, improves balance, increases power output for arms and legs, all while reducing the risk of injury. The same underlying muscles that create momentum for movement determine proper posture and positioning. Core muscles adjust automatically to keep the body in healthy position after a misstep or slip.

There is a unique parallel between the importance of developing of one’s physical core and strengthening one’s spiritual core. Our physical and spiritual strength is housed in the center, granting the ability for the body and mind to stand in strength and stability while experiencing forward movement in God’s power and protection.

Developing and maintaining spiritual strength is a daily process. Inviting the Holy Spirit to reign in our heart and mind, connecting to God in prayer, reading His Word, and committing to relationships that support these intentions provides the greatest environment to develop spiritual core strength.


1. How strong is my spiritual core?

2. What are the benefits of having a strong core physically and spiritually?

3. What are the three non-negotiables in building my spiritual core strength?

  • Ephesians 6:10
  • Isaiah 40:31
  • I Corinthians 3:16
  • Acts 1:8

“Lord, give me a renewed desire to strengthen my core both spiritually and physically. May I experience Your divine strength, positioning, and protection.” Amen