Do You Trust Me?

Ready “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding; think about Him in all your ways, and He will guide you on the right paths.” -Proverbs 3:5-6

There’s a scene in the Disney movie “Aladdin” in which Jasmine is out on the balcony of her palace and Aladdin is on his magic carpet trying to get her to come with him and go explore “A Whole New World.” The key line in the scene is when Aladdin says to Jasmine, “Do you trust me?” Jasmine agrees to trust Aladdin and is taken on the ride of her life!

That same type of trust is required from us as Christians when we decide to follow God. With God, belief alone is not enough; we must trust Him with our lives. Just believing in God is no good to us. We need to have faith in Him, and trust is the next step from faith.

We understand trust, right? As athletes, we trust our coaches to tell us what we need to know in order to compete. As Christians, then, we take that concept to a bigger scale, trusting God with our whole lives. We cannot pick and choose aspects of our lives in which to trust Him. It is the same for us in FCA. We must trust God with our Huddles, camps, athletes, coaches, fund-raising and everything else involved in our ministry and in our lives in general. At times, we think that we know better than God, but our own understanding is weak. If we rely on our own understanding, our lives will end in ruin.

Take the example of King Solomon. He started off brilliantly as king by asking God for wisdom and then building the temple for him. At first Solomon pleased God and was obedient to him, but then he began to think he knew better than God. He began to lean on his own understanding, and the eventual result was the split in the kingdom of Israel. Like Solomon, if we continue to lean on our own understanding rather than trusting in God, our lives will end in ruin. In FCA if we try to run Huddles, camps, etc., out of our own power and understanding, we will not bring about the kind of fruit that God could produce through us if we put our complete trust Him.

FCA has the potential to make a long-lasting impact for God’s Kingdom through athletes and coaches as long as we continue to trust in God and follow His leading. God will make our paths straight. We will go where God wants to take us; we just have to be willing to trust Him enough to go for a ride.

  1. Are you trusting God with everything in your life? Is there something you aren’t trusting Him with?
  2. How can you show God that you are trusting Him with everything in your life?
  3. As an athlete or coach, how can you trust God with your sport?
Workout Psalm 9:10 Psalm 37:3-6 Isaiah 26:3-4
Bible Reference: 
Isaiah 26