Doing the Right Thing


For am I now trying to win the favor of people, or God? Or am I striving to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a slave of Christ. — Galatians 1:10


In 2002, Marquette’s football team was 10–0 heading into the final game of the season, facing the possibility of the program’s first championship. But a few days before the game, the coach received a call: sixteen of his starters had been arrested for underage drinking! Team rules dictated alcohol use as punishable by suspension. The next week the coach watched his team’s hopes evaporate into a 63–0 loss while sixteen regular starters stood on the sidelines.

The coach would likely have found support had he imposed a gentle slap on the wrist for his guilty players. Certainly, many coaches overlook such offenses or wait until after the season to enforce discipline. This coach, however, made a difficult decision and placed more importance on citizenship, integrity, and character than on winning a football game. In a society where the indiscretions of athletes are often overlooked, the coach’s firm commitment is certainly admirable!

Christians are frequently faced with similar decisions. Often doing the right thing is not the easiest, most popular, or most rewarding course of action. Society suggests it’s okay to tell little lies, fudge the numbers, or break commitments. While these actions may make life easier or lead to short-term benefits, they erode our integrity.

Doing the right thing may not always be applauded, but that doesn’t mean we should avoid it. Why? Because Jesus Christ set the standard for us. When brought before Pilate who could decide his fate, Christ could have denied who He was.Or escaped with His life. Instead, He faced the consequences of death for our sin! His grace, therefore, strengthens us to do what’s right and please God, not people!


1. In what areas of your life have you compromised ethically?
2. How do you demonstrate integrity in your relationships?
3. How do you hold your players accountable for their actions?


1 Samuel 24:1–22; Daniel 3:8–30; Hosea 14:9


Lord, You are perfect in every way. Please reveal to me the areas of my life where I am not doing the right thing so I may have an impact for Your kingdom! Amen.