Don’t Say Moses!


When Aaron and all the Israelites saw Moses, the skin of his face shone! They were afraid to come near him. — Exodus 34:30


During times of trial, a standing joke with my family and myself has been, “Please don’t mention Moses. It seems as if this man had an incredibly long and tiring road with ungrateful people and fair-weather fans (sound familiar?). As if this was not enough, Moses and his clan finally reached the edge of the Promised Land and wandered for forty years, not being allowed to enter. Is this the most encouraging devotional you have ever read?

However, please don’t stop there. This man of God actually saw God. Not simply saw, like the miracle of the burning bush or the parting of the Red Sea—He saw God and he was never the same. Absolutely alone, this leader went up Mount Sinai and beheld God’s glory (Ex 33–34). Have I experienced God? With no crowds, no spectators, no other human being, just God and me. Moses was radiant because of his encounter with God (Ex 34:30). He spent time with God, and when he came down from the mountain, everyone knew it. His appearance was different. When we spend time with God, it will be reflected in the way we look and act. God’s brightness will shine through us. Somehow, mentioning Moses during a trial may be an honor.


1. What would it be like for us, as leaders of many, to visibly radiate the one and only God to all people and players in our sphere of influence?
2. What are we doing to spend time with God on a daily basis?


Extra Reading: 1 Kings 19:11–18; Acts 9:1–22; Philippians 4:11–13


Father, forgive me for not spending time with You as I should. Help me to be disciplined in meeting with You. I desire to know You and be a light to others. Amen.