Draft the Team


“The godly give good advice to their friends; the wicked lead them astray.” -- Proverbs 12:26


In the professional sports world, draft preparation begins long before the actual draft day itself. Hours upon hours are dedicated to finding the right player who will best fit into the organization’s plans athletically and as a whole. Scouts watch film and live games of multiple players, watching how they react to calls, how they connect with their teammates and what they bring to their position.

What if we took as much care in constructing our team of people who will inspire and encourage our spiritual walk? 

It’s important that we pay attention to the kind of person who exhibits characteristics of Jesus, loves the Lord with heart and strength and will stand firm on His Word. Why? Who we hang around holds an influence on us, and we can follow in either direction for negative or positive impact.

Let’s look at how Jesus evaluated and chose the people He did to follow His example. What were His requirements?


Each of the disciples were dedicated to someone or something: Matthew, to his work; Peter, to friends and family; Nathaniel, to a longing for something more. They had passion and commitment to see the job done and fully invest their entire being into what they believed in. Jesus saw a willingness to stand with Him, whatever the cost. He saw a willingness to give up everything for the sake of His Gospel, and a hunger to be filled with the Bread of Life.


Over the years of Jesus’s ministry, the disciples would ask many questions. They were inquisitive, even in the beginning when Jesus first invited them to follow Him. He knew they would not be satisfied simply being taught, but shown, and allowed to examine for themselves, ask questions and come to answers in their own way. Jesus brought a new way of thinking to the world, and the disciples had a thirst to learn and experience this new way of living. 


One of the main characteristics that tied the disciples together was their obedience. Each one saw Jesus as his Rabbi and Messiah and were willing to submit to His authority and follow His thoughts, words and actions. Even if they didn’t fully understand, they trusted Jesus enough to follow, wherever that led. Jesus cares about the state of our heart, and if we are willing to submit in obedience to His Lordship over our lives and where He leads.

Jesus paid attention, and He brought together the best team He knew would be right for His ministry.

Pay attention and ask yourself if you’re setting yourself up for success with Jesus. Do the work that’s needed long before you reach this point, so when you’re ready to take your faith to the next level, you have your list of top picks who will help get you there.

  • What are the top qualities you look for in those who lead you closer to Jesus?
  • Are you willing to make the necessary changes to draft a new team that’s best for your life?
  • Pay attention to the types of qualities Jesus says are important and incorporate them into your thoughts, words and actions.

John 6:68; 2 Peter 3:18; James 1:22


“God, thank You that You have given us such a good example of living for You through Jesus. Thank You that He has given us a game plan to look for and find people who will be dedicated, teachable and obedient to You as we go through life together. Help me to become dedicated, teachable and obedient to You in my own life, so I may become more and more like Your Son. Amen.”

Bible Reference: 
Proverbs 12:26
John 6:68
2 Peter 3:18
James 1:22