Excellence Diet


"Though the Lord gave you adversity for food and suffering for drink, he will still be with you to teach you.  You will see your teacher with your own eyes.” - Isaiah 30:20


If you were to ask a team, "Who wants to be awesome?" every hand would shoot up!  But as the season progresses, the hands begin to drop.  We say we want a life of excellence, but we become satisfied with average.  Disagree?  Ask yourself some simple questions:

  • Do you wait for someone to ask you to do something, or do you take the initiative to start?
  • When given an assignment to improve your mind, body, or soul do you procrastinate, or do you initiate into action?

I believe we are created in the image of God, with gifts to use, and a purpose to fulfill.  Just as a teacher or coach gives us instruction to increase our abilities, God gives opportunities to grow spiritually.  But what if God brings an obstacle your direction to make you stronger and more mature? 

God gave his people adversity, but he also promised to be with them, teach them, and be a guide for them during those adverse times.  When we choose a life of excellence and follow him, it may be challenging.  But just as a teacher may give you a problem or a challenge, it isn't meant to break you or cause you to give up.  The purpose is to help you grow and be more than average.  

Allow your personal trainer, the Holy Spirit, to help you as God may give you adversity for food and suffering for drink.   

  1. Has God given you an obstacle for you to experience excellence? 
  2. Do you accept this obstacle, or did you give up?
  3. How can God’s Spirit be like a personal trainer in your life?

Psalm 25:5; Psalm 86:11; Psalm 143:10


Heavenly Father, I accept today’s diet of adversity and suffering.  I know you will give me the right attitude and strength to swallow what comes my way and learn from it.  Amen.

Bible Reference: 
Psalms 25:5
Psalms 86:11
Psalms 143:10