Finding True Rest


“’Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Don’t let your heart be troubled or fearful.’” -John 14:27


The constant grind of school, practice, lifting, meetings, late night homework and sleep—on repeat—gets exhausting. Especially in the middle of the season, when the rigor of routine has us on autopilot and we’re simply going through the motions.

Sometimes, when we wake up in the morning, it doesn’t even seem like we got much sleep. We’re worn down before the day even begins! This isn’t the life God intends for us. He desires deep, lasting soul rest for His children. But what does this rest look like? What if we can’t keep up with what’s expected by our coaches, and even our own standards? It’s almost become a badge of honor to be busy, but in reality, busy just brings burnout. How do we find true rest from the chaos of our days and pace of our culture?

We need to look to the true Source of rest.

Let’s look at what Jesus did. He stayed in step with the Father as He lived out His mission on earth. Yes, Jesus accomplished a lot, but He did it out of the overflow of genuine connection and obedience to God.

He set aside time to be with God.

Jesus slipped away from the crowds and demands of His day, taking time early in the morning or late at night to still His heart to hear and respond to His Father. He behaved like this was His lifeline, to connect with God, hear His voice and discern direction. We, too, need to pause before God, talk to Him, listen and read His Word. We are transformed when we take in Scripture.

He modeled physical rest. 

Jesus fell asleep in a boat as a storm pressed in. His body was tired, and He knew it was good to physically restore. Even when others frantically wanted His help, Jesus was willing to take a nap. He knew when His body needed rest, and He was unapologetic about taking it. Jesus needed rest and replenishment for His physical body. He took the time to recharge, even in the middle of a raging storm. Especially in the middle of the storm.

Rest in the presence of others.

Jesus saw human limitations when multitudes flocked for healing and to hear Him. The disciples became depleted during those times, so Jesus would pull away from the crowds, hop in a boat with His friends, and find a quieter place to be with those who were close to Him.

Jesus gives us His peace that’s more replenishing than any effort we can try and obtain on our own. In fact, we don’t even need to do anything; we just come to Him and receive. From this place of peace, we can face whatever comes at us throughout the day because we know what God has placed in us.

Stillness is our strength, and Jesus’ example is our true rest.


● Do In what areas of your life do you need rest? How can God’s purpose of rest for you be greater than what the busy culture says?

● How can spending time in God’s Word benefit us with soul rest?

● Live out John 14:27 today in a way that shows how Jesus’ peace is better than anything the world can offer.


Mark 1:35

Mark 4:35-38

Mark 6:30-31


“Father, You are the source of true rest. Help me to look to Jesus and His way of being that brings true peace and joy. Would You help me to be still in my mind, body, and soul as I spend time in Your Word and seek out others who will guide me in Your truth? Thank You that You are faithful, and that You always offer a way to true rest. In Jesus’ name, amen.”