Finish the Race


"The wall was completed in 52 days…"
-Nehemiah 6:15a


For Kristin Armstrong, the 33-year-old mother of three, taking up running has helped her to heal from the pain of divorce after she and six-time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong, ended their marriage. Preparing for her first New York City Marathon, Kristin said, "I have great faith in God. I'll be asking Him for strength to finish and the courage to turn to Him when I can't do it by myself." She received the strength she was seeking and finished the race.

Nehemiah also had great faith in God and called on His strength to finish the difficult task of rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem. In this process, people were trying to distract him, intimidate him and even threaten his life to keep Nehemiah from finishing the wall. However, he continually sought strength from God in order to persevere, and he devoted himself to working on the wall. Consequently, the wall that had been in ruins for nearly 150 years took less than two months to build. Sometimes God does His greatest work in our lives when we face the strongest opposition.

Today, let us seek the help of God when faced with opposition and stay devoted to the tasks He gives us, that we may finish well in competition and in life.


1. When have you had a difficult time finishing a competition? Why was it hard to finish?
2. What types of opposition do you face in your spiritual life?
3. What changes do you need to make so that you can finish well in life?


Nehemiah 6
Acts 20:24
2 Timothy 4:7

Bible Reference: 
2 Timothy 4