Game Day


Jesus said to him, "Away from me, Satan! For it is written: 'Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.'"
-Matthew 4:10


Take a deep breath … Can you smell it? The air puts a special swagger in your step … Can you feel it? Today is not any other day. It is GAME DAY! Game day is a special day. Thoughts and feelings rush through your mind as you wait for the game to arrive. I can still feel, hear and see the home crowd at our season opener in basketball as if it was just yesterday. The songs played by the band, the smell of popcorn in the air, the sounds of people moving around, anxiously awaiting for what this year's team will give the crowd. Every player and coach works for one thing: game day. Game day is about preparation mentally and physically for the battle ahead. Game day is here now. Let the game begin!

Our Lord and Savior is no stranger to competition. I believe He was extremely competitive. Actually, He was the all-time, undefeated champion of love! He competed every day against His archrival, the prince of darkness, the scum of the earth, the demon of the depths. Satan, himself. Satan tempted, attacked, and hounded Jesus like rats on cheese. Always biting and nibbling, hoping He would break. But He never did.

But Satan did not give up. He just moved on to other prey. Easy targets, weak souls, ready to give up on the Lord for a piece of the second-best. Yes, people just like you and me! You see, teammates, EVERY DAY IS GAME DAY if you follow Jesus Christ! You have to be ready to battle the enemy just like Christ did everyday. Satan knew He was no match for Jesus, but he knows he can get to us, and he knows where we are weak. When Satan tempted Jesus before He started his public ministry, Jesus put up with Satan until He had enough and told him to get out of town. Take a long walk off a short pier. Hit the road Jack. Basically, "BE GONE, SATAN, because I am going to serve My God and ONLY My God period. You got it this time?" Satan got the message quite well, but he is still out there, daily battling with you and me, trying to defeat us.

Now we know the game plan because we have the play book of God's Word. So why are we so easily defeated? Easy … We take our eyes off our goals and our Coach and keep them on ourselves. When this happens, we are no match for the evil one. In sports, we prepare to near perfection as Game Day draws near. Why cannot we do that for everyday that we face the dark side? Why go to battle with a butter knife, when you can have the sword of the Spirit on your side? Let's treat everyday as Game Day for Christ. Just as He battled and won over sin and death, He desires for us to do the same with His help! He wants to be on your sideline today. Will you let Him? Game Day is here, Game Day is now! The battle is upon you. Are you ready to fight?


1. How do you prepare for Game Day (athletically)?
2. Do you see every day as a spiritual Game Day?
3. How can you be prepared everyday to battle Satan and his team?


Matthew 24:42-51
Romans 13:8-14

Bible Reference: 
Romans 13