Gift That Keeps on Giving


“Just as each one has received a gift, use it to serve others, as good stewards of the varied grace of God.” – 1 Peter 4:10


In the movie “When the Game Stands Tall,” team captain Chris Ryan helped give his team, De La Salle High School, a comfortable lead. With plenty of time left, the audience hears his dad, Mickey, cheer that there is enough time for Chris to break the California state record for career touchdowns. However, when setting up the final play, Chris brings his teammates together and explains it would be wrong to end his time chasing his personal victory. Instead, he gives up the ball, giving another teammate a chance to play.

God has given us each specific and unique gifts and talents. As athletes, God has given us all wonderful athletic abilities, but God didn’t stop there. God gives other talents and gifts like singing, acting, public speaking and creativity. We are all given something whether we know it or not. But God gave us these gifts and talents for a reason, and it isn’t for us to keep to ourselves or use them for our glory.

When we use our talents, fame may come from them. If we look at Tim Tebow, we see the talents of an impressive football player and how fame clearly came from Tim using them. But we also see that Tim understood the gifts God gave him were for him to serve God and others. He faithfully used football to be a good steward for Christ. The gift God gave Tim wasn’t wasted but used.

God has given each of us a gift, and we need to be good stewards by serving others and glorifying God. God isn’t asking us to give up the last play and a chance for the school, state or national record, but He is asking us to use the gifts He has given us to serve others and glorify His name.

  • In what area has God given you the talent to succeed?
  • How can you use the gifts He gave you to serve others?
  • Serving others isn’t always easy. What makes it worth it?

“God, thank You for giving me a gift. You intentionally made me good at something; I want to use that to serve others and glorify Your name! Help me be a good steward of what You have gifted me. Don’t let me waste this gift! It’s about You, not me. Amen.”