Glass Slipper


"When Jesus heard it, He answered him, 'Don't be afraid. Only believe, and she will be made well.'"
-Luke 8:50


The Madness is here for sure. This year's NCAA Tournament had its share of upsets and surprises, one of which was West Virginia's advancement to the Elite Eight. They earned it, though. Cinderella team or not, they played their way in and deserve to be on the dance floor. But let's think about that term "Cinderella team." Do you find it interesting that basketball teams are compared to a lowly girl who got an amazing, some may say, undeserved gift? I'm sure West Virginia didn't mind the term this year. I say if the shoe fits, wear it. Make the most of it!

At one point in Jesus' ministry, He was invited to dinner by a certain Pharisee. While He was there, an immoral woman (full in sin) came to see Him. She poured perfume on Jesus' feet and her tears fell freely as she wiped them away with her hair. This event bothered Simon the Pharisee, who interestingly enough, doubted Jesus.

Jesus told him a compelling story of two people who owed money and of cancelled debt. Simon did not think this woman was worthy of being around Jesus, let alone be touching Him. Jesus told him because of her faith and her love, she was not only welcome in His sight, but her sins were forgiven. She went from rags to riches in spirit and in truth that night. She was given the glass slipper of forgiveness and salvation.

Some may think that West Virginia and this woman did not deserve what they earned. However, I ask us to look deeper. We tend to look at a team's or person's past and cast judgment, but Christ looks at the now and at the heart. This immoral woman knew she needed something, and she knew where to get it. Whether we think she deserved it or not, Jesus did and always does when we come to Him to confess our sins and make things right with Him.

When Christ moves in our lives through repentance and confession, we all can get the glass slipper treatment. He takes off the old and puts on the new, pure, spotless life so that we may live forever in His glory. Let us not get caught up in Simon's mistake and think we are above God's working in our life. We all need the glass slipper of forgiveness to get where we want to go. Without, you are only a Cinderella wannabe.


1. Do you struggle in sports when a team or an individual achieves more than you think they deserve?
2. Is your attitude like Simon the Pharisee's or the immoral woman's when you are with Jesus?
3. Today, how can you start earning the glass slipper of forgiveness and all that goes with the gift of salvation?


Luke 8:36-50
Matthew 26:6-13
John 12:1-8


"Lord, may I not be guilty of judging others. May I understand Your grace and love more and more each day. May I seek Your forgiveness for the sins in my life and enjoy a deeper walk with You. In the name of Jesus I pray, amen."

Bible Reference: 
John 12