God Doesn't Give Up on You


“Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance.” 1 Corinthians 13:7


As athletes, we know what it means to be challenged, to push past our limits, and to train hard in every practice. Sports are not easy--and we know that growth and improvement only comes by working hard and strengthening our weaknesses. There comes a moment in time that every athlete becomes discouraged; we lose our hope in improvement, we hit a wall, and lose our faith to grow and feel like we just cannot endure anymore. These are the days that it would be easier to quit, to let discouragement or fear overcome our mind, and give in altogether. It is also in these days that we need desperately to be deeply encouraged and lifted up.

I have often heard the well-known phrase, “Never give up!” This small quote is intended to be inspiring and is placed on posters in locker rooms, on t-shirts, and notebooks, but what does it really mean? Who or what or how should I never give up? God tells us in His Word that God’s perfect “love never gives up.” God does not give up loving you, and He has chosen to not only go through but to endure every circumstance with you.

There will be days where all we can think of is giving up, but as Christians, we can be encouraged that God loves us. He will never give up on us and chooses to walk through life with us and give us the strength that we need to keep the faith and endure through every discouragement.

  1. Can you remember a time you were so discouraged that you wanted to give up?
  2. What does love that “never gives up” mean to you?
  3. How will depending on God’s enduring love change the way you play and train?

Ephesians 6:10; Isaiah 41:10


“Lord, thank You for teaching me that love never gives up and always endures. Help me to remember the strength that Your love gives me when I want to give up.”

Bible Reference: 
1 Corinthians 13:7
Ephesians 6:10
Isaiah 41:10