Handling Disappointment


“’My Father is glorified by this: that you produce much fruit and prove to be my disciples.’” -- John 15:8


It’s the sinking feeling in the bottom of your stomach when you don’t see your name on the final roster.

It’s the searing pain when you drop to the ground and realize something isn’t right with your knee.

It’s the call you don’t want to receive when your job has been on the line all season.

Letdown disappoints.

What do we do in these moments when there doesn’t seem to be a way forward?

God wants you to know He is right there with you when it doesn’t feel good, and your heart is heavy with unmet hopes and disbanded dreams. God is more interested in the shape of our character than the status of our situation.

As an ongoing and personal relationship with Jesus produces spiritual fruit in our lives, enduring disappointment produces perseverance, which grows our character.

Our disappointments can lead us to produce:

Fresh Fruit

Godly characteristics can be produced no matter the circumstance — good or bad. God is intentional about creating a refining faith that shapes us more and more into the image of His Son Jesus. Good, bad and in between, nothing is wasted in our development, and we get to experience more of God’s character in ways we never would have otherwise had we not gone through the trials.

Healthy Fruit

As you grow into these godly characteristics, they don’t only benefit you, but they can help others. Who around you needs a listening ear, a wise word or a heart that points them to Jesus? People will know we know Jesus by the way we care, and as God develops the fruit of the Spirit in our lives, it can’t help but overflow toward others.

Lasting Fruit

This fruit isn’t just for a quick fix. Godly characteristics can be produced consistently and have a long-term impact on those around you. Our end goal is Christlikeness, and this is a steady consistency that holds us steady, plants us deep in God’s Word, and produces wisdom, grace and peace that lasts.

Disappointment plays a role in our spiritual development. We see God in deep ways, and He strengthens us so we can become a source of comfort to others when they face their own struggles.

  • How do you handle disappointment both in your sport and in life?
  • How can you face disappointment knowing it can help shape your character?
  • Share a Bible verse about God helping someone who is going through a challenge.

“Father God, thank You that You are here with me in the middle of my disappointment. Thank You that my hope is in You, and that You are faithful and true. Help me to shift my way of seeing this struggle as a way to grow closer to You and develop perseverance and character. Guide me through this, for my good and Your glory. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”