Honoring Buck

"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." 

-Matthew 6:19-21 (NIV) 

I had the pleasure of meeting the legendary Buck O'Neil earlier this year. It was on his 94th birthday on a Saturday morning at the FCA headquarters in Kansas City, Mo. Ashamedly, I did not know who he was when he walked straight up to me to give me hug. After learning that I had just met a legend of the American Negro Baseball League, I remember feeling like I had embraced an angel overflowing with the love of Christ.
For days after his recent death, a number of articles ran in the Kansas City newspaper debating how to best honor him. It was suggested that his name go to an education and research center or to a special hall of fame scouting category. And there are still grumblings about his not getting voted into the baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. 
I had to smirk a bit when I read those articles, because I knew that Buck O'Neil was and is getting his reward in a place far better than planet earth. But I'm not surprised at all the hoopla, because Peter instructs us (1 Peter 4) that non-believers don't understand Christ-like behavior. They don't understand why Christians are called to live a life pleasing to God and not man. When Jesus warns us not to store up treasures on earth, it's because wealth (or awards, medals and championships) will always be lost. Our money and possessions will become worthless to us when Christ returns or when we die, whichever comes first. And either event could happen at any time.

We are given eternal rewards for doing good works (Ephesians 6:8; Romans 2:6,10), persevering under persecution (Luke 6:22-23), showing compassion to the needy (Luke 14:13-14), treating our enemies with kindness (Luke 6:35) and generous giving (Matt. 19:21). Scripture says that we will all give an account one day when we stand before God on judgment day. Let's make sure that we are investing in things eternal. Remember. . . "You can't take it with you." 

1. Where are you storing your treasures? Examine your schedule and your checkbook.
2. Am I willing to speak the Word of God no matter what the environment or conditions?

3. Do I need to spend less time investing in things of this world and more time investing in people and the Word of God? 

Psalm 24:1
Psalm 49:16-17

Matthew 13:44 

Bible Reference: 
1 Peter 4