Hot, Cold and Lukewarm


“So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I am going to vomit you out of my mouth.” – Revelation 3:16


Passion and sports usually go very well together. As a passionate fan or a competitive athlete, you typically are either extremely for something or against it; rarely are you lukewarm.

I remember our coach letting us pick a new starting formation as an athlete. There was heated debate on both sides, with some people passionately against this new formation and others strongly favoring it. The most frustrating part was when some people seemed not to care either way. There needed to be more passion, which was evident in their commitment to our team.

In Revelation, Jesus calls out the church of Laodicea for their lukewarm behavior. They were neither on fire for Christ nor against Him. Jesus describes how you either want a hot or cold drink, but no one wants a lukewarm drink. A person on fire for Christ is active in their faith and passionate about sharing. Jesus says that even those cold in their faith are better than lukewarm because when you are cold, there is room to be influenced by stronger people. Those who are lukewarm usually don’t care either way. This is what “cultural Christians” means: people who know enough to think they have a personal relationship with Christ but are not open to hearing the Holy Spirit.

There is a difference between being undecided about something and being indifferent. Jesus is talking about someone with a faith indifferent to the powerful movements of the Holy Spirit – someone who has seen God move and work, yet that doesn’t seem to affect their daily lives. This, Jesus says, is the most dangerous because it reduces the power of the Holy Spirit in the minds of teammates, coaches and opponents who see a proclaimed Christian living a life not influenced by Christ.

  • Do you believe your faith is hot, cold or lukewarm?
  • If you are lukewarm, what must you do to be on fire for Christ?
  • If you are cold to your faith, what made you go cold?

“Father, You know my heart; You know the current status of my faith. Your Word tells us that being lukewarm about You is unacceptable. Help me not to become indifferent toward Your Spirit. Light a fire inside me that constantly burns for You and Your people. Amen.”