I’m Tired . . . He’s Not


Although my spirit is weak within me, You know my way. Along this path I travel they have hidden a trap for me.
Psalm 142:3 


When David wrote this instructive psalm, he was in trouble. He was most likely cowering in a hole dug deeply into a hill, hiding from enemies that were pursuing him. He was lonely, desperate and in need of help. As he hid from his adversaries, he felt out of control and uncertain of the future. So David implored the Lord for guidance, acknowledging in this time of distress that his trust and confidence had to come from God.

Many of us can echo David’s cry in this psalm. As coaches, we often experience periods in a season when it feels like people are out to trap us, athletes are disinterested or uninvolved, and administrators are demanding wins. The cyclical nature of coaching naturally can lead to feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. The rough times can be draining, leaving us feeling empty or without sufficient resources to survive another season, let alone another off-season.

But David teaches us from a dark cave that though we can only see this very moment, God can see the entire future. If we relinquish our desire to control our destiny, God promises to walk faithfully ahead of us and light the way. He mercifully led the Israelites through the desert, and the same God who thousands of years ago lit their path desires that we call out to Him today. He promises to lead and guide us through the darkest of times.

We serve a God who came to Earth in the body of a man. Jesus experienced fatigue, felt the abandonment of those closest to Him, and was burdened by the self-serving demands of people. That’s why Jesus understands our cries to Him in the midst of dark, lonely and tiring times!  


1. Have you ever felt like David when he was hiding in the cave?
2. Do you resist allowing God to take over when you feel tired?
3. Why do you think we often rely upon ourselves in time of distress? 


Psalm 107:1-9
Isaiah 2:5
1 Peter 2:9 


God Almighty, You alone can fill me with strength and grace today. I receive both from You now in Your faithful name! Amen. 

Bible Reference: 
1 Peter 2