Just Do It


“Let us not love in word or speech, but in action and in truth.” – 1 John 3:18


Nike came out with their slogan, “Just Do It” in 1988. From then until now, this phrase has captivated the world. If someone hears this phrase, there is a high chance they will think of the swoosh logo. Nike has spent decades pushing others to “just do it.”

But Nike was not the first to come up with this idea. In the Bible, John writes for others to just do it. John saw how others said they loved their peers, brothers, family, community and church, but they never showed that love through action. They were not staying true to what they were saying. They spoke but never did.

As an athlete, you are surrounded by your peers and friends, teammates, coaches, a stadium full of fans, and your school community. You may tell your best friend you love them, you’re grateful for them, or even how they’ve changed your life. You may tell Coach you love them, appreciate them, and look up to them. You may even tell your whole team and school you love them and that you’d do anything for them. But are you doing it?

Are you helping them in times they need help or only when it benefits you? Are you playing selfish or playing selfless? Do you listen and respect Coach, or ignore and disrespect? Do your actions match up with your words or go against them? Do you serve your team or only yourself?

It’s one thing to tell your team you love them and have their back. It’s another to show them. Don’t just tell your team, show them. Just do it.

  • Name a time someone in your life showed you they loved you.
  • How did that change the way you saw them?
  • How can you show your team and coaches you love them?

“God, thank You for being a perfect example of telling and doing. You have told us You love us, but then You acted on it and sent us Jesus. Help me live out what I tell my team, peers and everyone in my life. Amen.”