Keep Your Helmet On!


Take the helmet of salvation. — Ephesians 6:17


When I played college football, our coach insisted that we wear our helmets from the moment we left the locker room until the end of the game. We were only allowed to remove our helmets during half-time while in the locker room. He was adamant that our helmets stay on during the course of the game. I always complied, but thought this demand was a little excessive. Everyone understands the merits of wearing a helmet during competition, but few would understand the necessity of wearing one otherwise.

One Saturday afternoon, we played a highly ranked team. It was an exciting game with a close score. Both teams had excellent quarterbacks and exceptional passing games. The line play was fierce. Our right guard and the man that blocked him battled all afternoon. When the game was over, our offensive guard walked across the field to congratulate the man he had been blocking. On his way over, he removed his helmet. His opponent had also removed his helmet. As my teammate reached out to shake the man’s hand, the other man swung his helmet by the facemask and hit my friend in the head. My teammate was immediately knocked unconscious.

I have coached football for nearly forty years. I advise my athletes to wear their helmets at all times because the enemy, our opponent, may attack at any time. Similarly, on a spiritual level, we must wear the “helmet of salvation” in order to withstand the attacks of the enemy. No one would play football without wearing a helmet. The risk of injury is much too great. The same principle applies to the “game of life.”


1. You expect your athletes to wear helmets. Do you wear the “helmet of salvation”?
2. Have you taken time to thank God for His protection?
3. Have you witnessed to your staff?


Extra Reading: Ephesians 6:10–18


Father, thank You for the plan of salvation. I pray that You would reveal ways that I can share the gospel with my team and coaches. Amen.

Bible Reference: 
Ephesians 6