Lean On Me


"Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord, is the Rock eternal."
-Isaiah 26:4


In 1992, the Olympic Games were held in Barcelona, Spain. Athletes from around the world gathered as they did every four years to compete against the best from every country. One such athlete was Derek Redmond. Representing England in the 400 meters, Redmond was a sure medal contender until his semifinal heat. The packed stadium was filled with the anticipation of a great race from this champion runner. The gun went off, and the race was moving along well with Redmond in the lead … until it happened. Halfway down the back stretch, Redmond collapsed on the track with a pulled hamstring. Medical staff rushed toward him, but he fought to his feet. Derek Redmond had only one thing on his mind … finishing the race.

In severe pain, he made his way to the home stretch and was greeted by a large man wearing a shirt that read, "Have you hugged your child today?" and a hat that read, "Just do it." The man was Derek's father. His father, with tears in his eyes said, "Son, you do not have to do this." But the younger Redmond said that he had to finish the race. His loving father responded, "Lean on me, and we will finish this together." Staying in their lane to the finish, the father and son finished the race.

What made the father do what he did? What made him leave the stands and rush to his son's aid? It was not the strength of the son, but the pain that caused the father to do all he could to help his child. He knew his son could not finish the race without him.

God does the same for us. Through our prayers and petitions, when things get tough, God says, "I will help you finish! Lean on Me, and I will see you through to the end." There are many battles in life that you cannot handle on your own, so don't! Lean on the Father who wants to give you the strength not only to stand, but to soar with Him. Like Redmond's father came to him in his time of need, so our Heavenly Father will come to you when you call Him. He is on the edge of His seat just ready to leap up and run to you at your point of need. When He is there to bring you through, swallow your pride and lean on Him. You cannot finish the race broken and alone. It is only through Christ that can we find the finish line.


1. Are you broken and alone?
2. Will you lean on Him to help you through, or is your pride still crippling you?
3. Today, how can you lean on Christ to lead you to victory in your life?


Psalm 30
Psalm 40
Matthew 5:3-4

Bible Reference: 
Matthew 5