Let's Be Frank ... Or Not


"Teach me knowledge and good judgment, for I believe in your commands."
-Psalm 119:66


Oh, to be Lawrence Frank. Yes, old Larry Boy. Oh, you don't know who he is? He is the current coach of the New Jersey Nets. Why do I say current? Well, in the coaching profession, there are two kinds of coaches: those who have been fired, and others who will be. However, for now, Coach Frank is enjoying the limelight of a winning team. What has made the difference for this team? I am not sure, but I am sure the players are buying into what he is teaching team on a day-to-day basis. Keep up the great work, Coach Frank!

Many young coaches want to follow and idolize a coach. They pattern their style after legendary coaches of the game. Every sport has its disciples, but every time I open my paper or check the sports web pages, I see another coach being disciplined for some violation in their program. Of course, none of these coaches ever claim to be wrong, but time after time, we see the character and judgment of a coach go in the wrong direction. And for what reasons? Winning, success, a national title — all valid goals. But are they worth it?

Numerous coaches in major college sports have been in the news over the past year for violations and wrong doings, but where does quality character and coaching take over? In Psalm 119, the author states, "Teach me knowledge and good judgment, for I believe in your commands."He desired to follow a higher game plan for his life, which led to quality judgment and great knowledge. Coaches, we all want to be on top and win it all and have instant success like Coach Frank is having with his team right now, but what will you sacrifice to get there? Your family? Your future? Your faith?

Let's not be Frank (Sorry, Lawrence.), but let us delight in following the Master Coach, Jesus Christ, and His game plan. Let His rules guide your life and ultimately your program. Let Him give you guidance and proper judgment as you lead your team. If more coaches found success in living and coaching for Him, we would see fewer coaches in undesired headlines. Final thought … is a ring worth more than a heavenly crown? You have to answer that one for yourself! Choose wisely.


1. Can you name five Christian coaches who do it the right way?
2. What have you sacrificed spiritually to grow professionally?
3. Today, how can you start to coach for Him and not for "them"?


Romans 12:2
Colossians 3:23-24
Luke 4:8

Bible Reference: 
Colossians 3