Little Guys


Greet Apelles, who is approved in Christ. Greet those who belong to the household of Aristobulus. — Romans 16:10


We don’t often hear of Apelles or the Christians who lived in the household of Aristobulus. Most of us read quickly past these names and never give much thought to who they were or what their role was in the church at Rome. Yet, to Paul, they were important enough to be mentioned in his letter to the Romans. This tells us that in Christ’s service, the “little guys” are as important as the “all-stars.”

Many have considered the 1927 New York Yankees the greatest collection of super-stars in the history of baseball. Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Earl Combs, Herb Pennock, and Waite Hoyt are all in baseball’s Hall of Fame. What about their teammates? What about Julie Weva, Joe Giard, Mike Gazella, Ray Morehart, John Grabowski, and at Collins? Not only have they missed the Hall of Fame; they’re not even household names. We all remember the “greats,” but the “little guys” also have their place. They may be pinch hitters, or maybe even substitutes who sit the bench; but it also takes those little-known players to win a pennant.

Many of us play a minor role on a team. What we contribute is vitally important to their success—even if we’re not all-stars, super-stars, or a Hall-of-Famers.


1. How do you see yourself? A main player or a bench warmer?
2. God believes in you, and you are important to Him. Do you see that?
3. How does this truth encourage you?


Romans 16

Bible Reference: 
Romans 16