More Like Christ


" are being renewed in the spirit of your minds; you put on the new self, the one created according to God's likeness in righteousness and purity of the truth." -Ephesians 4:23-24


As the new year begins, many of us will make common resolutions to lose weight, get better grades or spend more time in the Word. As athletes and coaches, it’s a safe bet that many of us will also resolve to train harder, practice more or establish better nutrition habits. I'll be honest, some of those are mine, too, but there is one I have added to my life this year, and it’s one that I hope many others are adding, as well. As I read my Bible and listen to worship songs, one central message keeps coming up: BECOME MORE LIKE CHRIST. God’s Word tells us over and over again to be like our Lord and to show His love to others. With all the peer pressure and distractions around us, this is often very difficult. And, honestly, I don't do a very good job at it sometimes. But as this year starts, we all have a new beginning—a chance to embrace God’s calling on us to model His Son in new and deeper ways. I encourage you to take some time as the year begins to really investigate the life of Jesus. Learn how He loved and served others, and begin to do the same in your own life. It will be a lifelong process, but the important thing is just to get started. As the new year begins, let's make it a year in which we can say that we were more like Christ on the field, in the classroom, at work, in the locker room and at home than ever before. If we do that, we will truly help bring His Kingdom to earth.


1. How well do you know the character of Christ? What are some of His most foundational character traits? 2. How can you put those into practice in your life? 3. Are there habits or patterns in your life right now that don’t reflect Christ? What needs to be done with those patterns or habits?


James 1:19-27 1 John 3

Bible Reference: 
1 John 3