My Heavenly Coach


Their hearts are hard and insensitive, but I delight in Your instruction. It was good for me to be afflicted so that I could learn Your statutes. Instruction from Your lips is better for me than thousands of gold and silver pieces.” – Psalm 119:70–72


As a baseball coach, one of my responsibilities is to give good instruction to the players as they get on base. As athletes, they are responsible for understanding and executing my instructions. There are times when I give good instructions that my players don’t listen or do their own thing. In those situations, they often quickly find themselves in a pickle, and we all end up frustrated. There are also times when I’ve been too hesitant or too aggressive in my instructions and I put my players in an awkward situation. 

Whether the coach is right or wrong, both athlete and coach are responsible for communication, and the player is responsible for executing the instructions.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, you should be focused on the instructions God is giving you. God has given you life; He has allowed you to step up to the plate every day. Before you swing away, look to Him for direction. When you start your day, are your eyes on Him or are you I distracted by the crowds, your teammates, or even your opponents? 

Psalm 119 is an awesome reminder of God’s great instructions. Delight in the truth that God will always give you good instruction. When you mess up, do not give up, but rather pay closer attention to God’s coaching His instructions help you make it to the next base in life.

  1. Is God your Heavenly Coach?

  2. Are you reading God’s Word, His playbook?

  3. Are you humbling listening to His guidance?


Proverbs 4:19­–21

Jeremiah 13:15–16

Luke 8:18


Heavenly Father, Your instructions will never get me in a pickle. You don’t mess up in giving me signs or instructions. Thank You for being 100 percent trustworthy! Amen.

Bible Reference: 
Proverbs 4:19-21
Jeremiah 13:15-16
Luke 8:18