“Carefully consider the path for your feet, and all your ways will be established.” -- Proverbs 4:26 


The group set off with great expectations. Enrolled in the “Endurance/Adventure” group at FCA’s Girl’s Black Mountain camp, they were promised first-hand experience in adventure. “Let’s explore trails we’ve never been on and see where they go,” their leader enthusiastically suggested. Up the road and past the last cabin, a narrow trail held promise. But all too soon, that beautiful trail became undiscernible as it disappeared into the thickness of the forest.

Of course, the group could have retraced their steps to return home. But that was too easy. Coach T, almost giddy by the circumstances, began to address:­­­­ “Girls, stop and listen. What do you hear? The stream? Well, are we on the left or right side of it? Based on that, is the wider trail we saw to the left or right? Do you think we will intersect that path if we keep our bearings and bushwack for a bit?”

This line of questioning continued as the adventurers crawled under, over and through thick patches of rhododendrons. They were careful to maintain the general direction, stopping occasionally to hear if the roar of the bold stream was getting louder, as it should. Sure enough, they intersected the desired path, and were rewarded with a journey along a pristine ribbon of trail.

These young ladies were learning the basics of woodland navigation. Keen observation, constant analysis of the surroundings, and critical thinking were required to find the way. But remember, these principles are not just for adventurers. God asks us to constantly evaluate and analyze our spiritual journey. We must be diligent and intentional in finding—and staying--on the path God has for us.

  1. What does it feel like to be lost?
  2. What tools do we have to keep from getting off the path to spiritual maturity?

Father, help us to be alert and attentive in our daily walk. Show us your perfect way. When we seem to get off track or deviate from your plan, guide us back to Your way. Send others along this journey to encourage our walk. In Jesus' name, Amen. 

Bible Reference: 
Psalms 119:105
Luke 21:34
Ephesians 5:15