Push On


“And not only that, but we also rejoice in our afflictions, because we know that affliction produces endurance, endurance produces proven character, and proven character produces hope.” – Romans 5:3-4


When making the transition from high school athletics to playing lacrosse at a highly competitive level in college, I suddenly found myself thrown into intense workouts and grueling conditions. Some days I contemplated quitting because of how difficult training had become.

One season, my coach required that we pass a physical fitness test before we were allowed to compete on the lacrosse field. If we didn’t pass, we couldn’t play. I remember feeling a weight on my shoulders and became very anxious and nervous of not passing. I ended up not passing my first time. I ended up not passing my second or third time either. It wasn’t until my eighth time that I finally passed.

During that time I wanted to quit so many times. Yet, I didn’t quit and am so glad that I pushed onward. The lessons I ended up learning about myself during that time of stress and frustration was worth all the sweat, blood, and tears.

When times get tough, we must push on and keep going; not only in athletics, but also in our walk with Christ. When you face trials and afflictions in your everyday life, what will be your response? Will you quit or will you push on and keep going? There are so many beautiful lessons God wants to teach us, but we must rely on His strength to get us through, knowing that our character is being built during the test.

  1. Has there ever been a time when you wanted to quit?
  2. What lessons did you learn from pushing on?
  3. Do you believe that God uses our afflictions to refine our character?

Galatians 6:9

Colossians 1:11

Romans 12:12


Father, help me to rely on and trust in You during difficult times. Amen.

Bible Reference: 
Galatians 6:9
Colossians 1:11
Romans 12:12